Shampa Mukerji is a native Houstonian. Her parents immigrated to the United States in the late 1960s to pursue the American dream. Shampa’s father was an engineer who spent his career in the Oil and Gas industry and earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy after he retired. Her mother, a college graduate, dedicated her time to raising their three children. Shampa’s parents instilled in her and her siblings a strong work ethic, thirst for knowledge, and a tradition of excellence. Shampa attended Northwestern University in Illinois where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Communications in three years. She then returned home to Houston to attend the University of Houston Law Center. In law school, Shampa served on the Houston Journal of Health Law & Policy as an Editor and as Chief Justice of the Honor Court.

For over a decade, Shampa has successfully practiced in multiple areas of civil litigation representing individuals, corporations, small business owners, and other civil litigants. Shampa has had an impressive career working for the Mostyn Law Firm, where she focused on first party insurance litigation. She then moved to the Mukerji Law Firm where she manages over 500 personal injury cases. With each case, Shampa’s main objective is to ensure clients receive the best possible resolution to their case and she continually strives to protect the rights of individuals and families. The culmination of Shampa’s skills, experience, and dedication to justice will allow her to serve as a fair and just judge for Harris County.

Shampa is married to Sam Mukerji, a trial attorney, who has also devoted his career to ensuring everyone’s voice is heard in court. Shampa and Sam have three beautiful children and are proud to be raising their family in Houston.


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Shampa Mukerji for Judge
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