(India Herald) Shampa Mukerji, a Houston lawyer, is running for Judge of the 269th Civil District Court in Harris County. This court is located in Houston and serves all of Harris County. Texas is one of only seven states that uses partisan elections to elect judges. Shampa Mukerji is running as a Democrat and is involved in a primary with one other opponent. Her primary election is March 6, 2018.

If she wins the primary race, she will earn a spot on the general election ballot in November 2018.

(Cory Sepolio is the primary opponent in the Democratic Party primary. The incumbent Republican Judge Dan Hinde, is the Republican nominee and will face the Democratic Party nominee in the November general election.)

“I would be the first elected South Asian female judge in Harris County,” she said. As the daughter of immigrants, Shampa has a unique perspective to bring to the local judiciary and the community. Shampa’s main focus is equal access to the courts for all. “She will take every action available to her to ensure that all litigants have their voices heard in her court, regardless of their income level, race, background, or education.”

Shampa Mukerji is a native Houstonian. Her parents, Satya R. and Puspa Chatterjee, immigrated to the United States in the late 1960s.

Shampa’s father was an engineer who spent his career in the Oil and Gas industry and earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy after he retired. Her mother, a college graduate, dedicated her time to raising their three children.

Shampa’s parents instilled in her and her siblings a strong work ethic, thirst for knowledge, and a tradition of excellence.

Shampa attended Northwestern University in Illinois where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Communications in three years. She then returned home to Houston to attend the University of Houston Law Center.

In law school, Shampa served on the Houston Journal of Health Law & Policy as an Editor and as Chief Justice of the Honor Court. These endeavors ignited a desire in Shampa to serve her community by one day running for judge.

That day is today. “In my court, I will uphold the laws of the State of Texas and make the civil justice system fair, equitable, and accessible for all” she said.

As judge, Shampa will focus on judicial efficiency, saying, “It will be important to run the court docket as efficiently as possible, while also being flexible due to the changes that have resulted in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.”

Shampa believes judicial temperament is of the utmost importance. It is her expectation that a judge should make decisions with integrity, impartiality, and intelligence, but also be well read on the issues, be patient, and treat everyone, lawyers and litigants alike, with dignity and respect. That is the judicial temperament she plans to bring to the courtroom.

For more than a decade, Shampa has successfully practiced in multiple areas of civil litigation representing individuals, corporations, small business owners, and other civil litigants.

Shampa currently practices at the Mukerji Law Firm alongside her husband, Sam Mukerji, who founded the firm. Their work is dedicated to plaintiffs’ personal injury litigation. Shampa currently manages over 500 personal injury cases at the Mukerji Law Firm.

The last day to register to vote for the March 2018 Primary is Monday, February 5. Early Voting will take place from Tuesday, February 20 – Friday, March 2. The Primary Election Day is Tuesday, March 6.

If you would like to learn more about Shampa Mukerji and her campaign, please visit her website at www.mukerjiforjudge.com.